On Eco System Service Valuation

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Renegade Economists Show #274 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast Mining and logging make the big bucks, but what’s the true cost? This week Karl interviews Ian Curtis, of Curtis NRA, whose landmark work on Eco System Service Valuation has won a serious battle in Papua New Guinea. He combines ecology and economics to calculate the cost of environmental degradation … Read More

Pavan Sukhdev & Corporation 2020

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Renegade Economists 265 As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Dec 5th. Subscribe to the weekly podcast via this itunes link Show Notes: Corporation 2020: Groundbreaking economist Pavan Sukhdev discusses developments in ecosystem services accounting, the need for resource taxation and the push to make CEO’s lead on environmental change. Listen to the interview Photosynthesis, pollination and precipitation are ecosystem services to … Read More

Introducing …. Earthsharing Canada

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Our good friend Frank de Jong has set up Earthsharing Canada. Check the new look website where you can read Frank’s erudite writings like: Untax Business, Uptax Nature By Frank de Jong Well, the federal political parties are saber rattling again, threatening an election over the corporate tax cuts which will be in the upcoming budget. The Conservatives are sticking … Read More

Earth Based Economics

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“When capitalism started, nature was abundant and capital was scarce; it thus made sense to reward capital above all else. Today we’re awash in capital and literally running out of nature”, Peter Barnes, Capitalism 3.0 “A commons arises whenever a given community decides that it wishes to manage a resource in a collective manner, with special regard for equitable access, … Read More