The Real Estate Bust of 2010

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Over 115 people attended this packed event. Phil covered the long term issues like few others can. For more details on Phil’s exciting work, check his new website. Copies of the DVD + Powerpoint + Presentation are $20. Order here (credit card preferred).

For those interested in the type of comprehensive analysis Phil delivered, watch out for Fred Harrison from the UK, the world’s pre-emininent expert on the 18 year cycle. We aree very excited to be touring him in 2008. Fred has many books discussing this issue available from our Prosper bookshop

Alanna Hartzok: Earth Rights Democracy Tour

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May 3 – 23, 2006

Melbourne – Hobart – Brisbane – Sydney

Alanna Hartzok is a Co-leader of the Earth Rights Institute and a UN NGO representative. She has worked extensively with the UN HABITAT on local funding issues and has a long list of public speaking engagements including the World Urban Forum, US Institute for Ecological Economics Conference, and the Eastern Economics Association Conference (NY).

Lecturer, legislative reformer and grass roots activist Alanna Hartzok’s vast array of interests sees her moving between villages in Nigeria to the halls of power at the UN. Her central focus is that with greater insight we can orchestrate a tax shift policy that addresses major local and global problems.

True Cost Economics

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The 2006 Forum was a great success with organisers excited by the turnout on the day. Alanna Hartzok’s powerpoint presentation on an extensive form of Green Tax Shifting can be downloaded. The 2007 TCE Forum will be held in mid July, featuring Frank De Jong, leader of the Ontario (Canada) Greens.

The True Cost Economics forum is attempting to link the industries of Science, Insurance and Economics together. Science is leading the way with the evidence of Global Warming. The rapidly increasing cost of Insurance is alerting us of the dangers to ignoring nature’s law. Economics needs to direct the behaviour of consumers towards looking after the planet.