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Karl Fitzgerald hosts the Renegade Economists. Each week we address the topic of monopolisation – primarily of landlords, bankers and licensed monopolies. The show chronicles the dangers of monopoly capitalism – a risky trend encouraged by government policy.

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Particular emphasis is placed on land – the “mother of all monopolies” (Winston Churchill). Sharing the natural bounty of the land is the missing jigsaw piece in this so-called economic democracy. Other forms of monopoly, such as the EMS, cyber squatting and gene patenting are vital to genuine freedom too.

We aim to ensure economics is understood as the essential science – never dismal!

The show has been running since September 4th, 2007 and is probably the world’s only radio show focusing on the value of the earth and the resultant scarcity rents. Our colleague Fred Harrison began the Renegade Economist youtube channel in August 2008 (that soon became Ross Ashcroft has since assumed that role.

Interviews are held with experts from around Australia and the world. Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights Institute), Bryan Kavanagh (LVRG), Michael Hudson (ISLET), Age Journalist Kenneth Davidson, DJ Spooky (Multimedia Artist & Musician), Stephen Mayne (Crikey), Steve Keen (Debtwatch), David Bollier (On The Commons), Natalie Pang (Digital Commons), Professor Frank Stilwell (Uni of Sydney), Professor Jakob Madsen (Monash Uni) and Alex Burns ( have featured on the show….and that’s just a few that have featured in the 280 shows so far.

Listen to some our favourite interviews here.

Alice Bleby has stepped back from co-hosting the show in the final year of her Law Degree (2010). We thank her for her contributions.

Tune in via 855AM on the dial or stream from anywhere in the world via (click via top left hand side). Podcasting is the easiest way to stay in touch with the juggernaut of issues pounding society’s way.

For those using non-apple software (fair call when they charge muso’s a 30% commission per sale), please plug this feed into open source software such as Juice:

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