Trickle Down Housing?

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Show Notes
How have we been conned into believing yet again another form of trickle down economics? Such supply side economics in land and housing must be critiqued. The bigger question behind this is why on earth we haven’t put 2 + 2 together previously! Karl rides the gauntlet analysing the state of the Australian housing market with some of our key indicators on show. As always, we like to think they reflect the reality of the situation. Karl also delivers some news regarding the future of the show.

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From the Subprime to the Terrigenous report on the GFC and sales turnover. We hope you have already seen the 2nd graph (below) in our recent magazine special on the corporatisation of the rental sector. Post this bust, the lobby will try to strong-arm this through with tax incentives.
Macrobusiness on turnover (?$?)

The graphs!

To the world’s greatest Treasurer!

Check the left right axis to see that for every 10 houses sold, only one house is built.

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