Earthsharing Canada

Prosper Australia
Based in Melbourne, Prosper is our parent body and also proposes recycling Resource Rents for a fairer world.

LVRG: Land Values Research Group
the world’s leading land based economics research group

Bryan Kavanagh’s blog – The Depression

Real Estate 4 Ransom – our film

Earthsharing Canada

Earthsharing USA

The Progress Report
Daily news reports from a geonomics perspective

Earthrights Institute
Alanna Hartzok’s worldly Georgist affairs are well displayed in articles on the Niger Delta, Alaska and various UN collaborations.

Peter Barnes’ Capitalism 3.0
On the Commons Blog
One of the leaders in progressive Georgism, Peter Barnes’ writing must be investigated

Urban Tools
The Center for the Study of Economics: Sister organisation of The Henry George Foundation of America, Interested in researching land value taxation

Dan Sullivan’s wisdom tests the best of us

Henry George School Chicago
Henry George School Chicago: A school that teachers Resource Rental through Henry George’s economic philosophy.

South Korean Georgist site
One of the most attractive sites supporting land reform 😉

Liberation Theology and Land Reform

School of Cooperative Individualism

The Citizen’s Dividend

Institute for Economic Democracy

Land Value Taxation Campaign
Land Value Taxation Campaign (UK): with information on the application of LVT (or resource rent)

Earth Day Founder’s Site: celebrating and looking after the earth.


Neuland: Swiss environmental group

A network of thinkers

Instituto Henry George – Managua Nicaragua

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