Beware the HFC!

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Show Notes
An entertaining workshop at the NENA (New Economics Network of Aus) conference sees Karl & Rayna give their first public presentation of the proposed community land trust. A solid primer for anyone wanting to get their heads around CLTs. Come on let’s get this going!

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2 Comments on “Beware the HFC!”

  1. Hey Karl and Rayna,

    That was an excellent session. Thankyou.

    About me / our project: I’m based in Adelaide. I’m the founder of The Verge Cohousing Community, which will comprise approximately 30 age-diverse households in an inner urban area of Adelaide. Our project has been running for over 2 years now and we have completed a bunch of policy work and foundational documents.
    We are currently part of the Incubator Coop accelerator cohort, an initiative of the BCCM
    We are actively pursuing the idea of becoming a CLT + housing cooperative, where the CLT owns the land (and acquires extra plots of land over time) and the housing cooperative owns the dwellings, the Common House, and some commercial premises for passive income stream. It’s a big vision!
    I have a lay person’s familiarity with the CLT Manual and I’ve been trying to get in touch with Louise Crabtree et al. We are actively looking for a lawyer to start working with.

    Can we catch up?
    Looking forward to connecting soon.


  2. Hi Elle,
    yes would love to catch up. Heading over your way for WOMAD soon!

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