Earth rights are birth rights. Our place on the planet is challenged by today’s first come first served agenda. By sharing the rising value of the earth’s natural resources (and natural monopolies), an evolution towards a genuine economic democracy is possible.

This sets in play new economic foundations capable of outpacing the efficiency aims of neo-conservatives whilst encouraging affordable housing, self funding public transport and productive entrepreneurialism.

Speculative Vacancies

We specialise in monitoring the role empty housing plays in the housing affordability crisis. They call it a housing supply crisis but few look at the influence of investors crowding out First Home Owners. With investors now numbering 50%+ and set to rise, we demand the inclusion of these vacancy findings alongside the need for deep seated land reform. Read the last 7 years of vacancy reports.

Land Reform

Just say the word ‘land’. We intrinsically feel something when saying that word. But yet the connection we have to land, to a particular location is no longer deemed relevant in economics. We ask – why is location the number one real estate investment strategy, but shunned by economic theory? Read on the corruption of economics and the need for land to be re-introduced as the third factor of production.