SLF Wrap

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A warm welcome to our new visitors from the Sustainable Living Festival. Over 90,000 people visited the SLF and we were snowed under with interest, with many expressing an interest in what the Next Economy could be. Of course the answers were there with Land Value Tax as the bedrock to a new economy prioritising the productive sector over the … Read More

Nicole Foss – Relocalising the Trust Horizon

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Renegade Economists 284 Leading economics – energy – environment commentator Nicole Foss joins to discuss the state of finance. She is in Australia on an extensive speaking tour. Support her work and your economic literacy by attending! Nicole Foss on the Renegade Economists by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud Subscribe to the podcast KF: Nicole, in terms of systems thinking, how does … Read More

Beyond Flat Earth Economics

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A document prepared for the 2013 Sustainable Living Festival, where a talk on this topic was delivered. Download the PDF with poster designs (10MB). We have just seven years until the 2020 deadline for significant pollution reductions. To speed this process up, the public must understand the drivers of business behaviour and how this impacts our lives. Economics is the … Read More

Adding It Up: Environmental Accounting in Australia

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Renegade Economists Show #275 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast Following on from last weeks interview on ecosystem services valuation, Karl interviews Dr Michael Vardon. Dr Vardon is a special advisor to the Australian Bureau of Statistics on environmental accounting. Dr Vardon introduces the System of Environmental – Economic Accounting (SEEA), which has been in development since 1993 … Read More

The Next Economy – Capitalism 3.0

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For those interested in a vision of a sane economy, member K.D summarised her key learnings from Peter Barnes’ landmark 2007 book Capitalism 3.0. Acting on his beliefs, Peter kindly donated the book to the commons, allowing it to be downloaded (pdf). It can be purchased here. Most of these are direct transcriptions from the book. CAPITALISM 3.0 A GUIDE … Read More