The End of the Month or the End of the World?

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Show Notes
Frank de Jong (co-founder Canadian Green Party) talks about the fading political currency of policy makers and their inability to meet the demands of inequality alongside rampant right-wing influence. How can a pre-emptive economic system be enabled to deal with issues at source? Taxation is not just to raise revenue, but to improve economic outcomes. Check his work via

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2 Comments on “The End of the Month or the End of the World?”

  1. Hi Karl,
    John Fisher here in Smithers B.C. (formerly S.W. Ontario). Frank and me just had an email exchange about my book, The Geography of My Life, which of course has a chapter about our year in the Perth, W.A. area. Great conversation with Frank de Jong! British Columbia with its NDP/Green coalition is fertile ground for George but as said in the talk it always seems to take a ‘Hail Mary!’ Keep up the good work! Maybe we will meet again someday!

  2. Hi John, my ole roommate!
    My father is writing his autobiography at the moment, I wish it had a chapter on George.
    I’m pleased you enjoyed the show with Frank, he really is one of the best.

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