The Bounty of Place

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Renegade Economists Show 571

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Show Notes
Dave Giesen (Henry George School of Social Sciences, San Fran) discusses the latest round of efforts to help the homeless. Will a tax on Silicon Valley unicorns to fund homeless services make a lasting difference? So many people are feeling the precarity but so few grasp the Georgist story. Earth Rights are Birth Rights. Instead the cry of humanity continues to slip back towards sharecropping. Cheery as always, we hope this helps you read between the lines.

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We didn’t get to it, but peeps like Jeremy Corbyn have taken Dave’s walk.

Melanie’s quote:

All my life I have observed creative people unable to create due to not owning land.. i yearn to grow food…to be able to be with the soil…but how ? I live in a bus to avoid the rental costs but must always move on….i see large tracts of land owned by one old person….a few animals graze where i could create a garden of Eden….creativity and the gifts of good people lie fallow because we cannot secure a place on Earth to grow ….what can we do ? I seek a way.

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