Progress Magazine

Progress is the flagship journal of Earthsharing Australia and our parent body, Prosper Australia. It has a proud history dating 110 years of editorship. The magazine comes out quarterly and is chock full of geonomic analysis, enabling supporters to read between the lines of mainstream media to see what is really going on.

Editor David Collyer demands high quality content from the world’s leading Georgists. The new design layout has taken this respected journal up a notch.

Printed on 100% sugar cane waste with veggie inks, this is perfect reading for those wanting to get their teeth into why land prices will always outstrip wages under today’s economic framework.

A free Trial Subscription offer of 3 copies is possible. Find out about subscribing to Progress Magazine on the Prosper Australia website.

Better yet, Join as a Member for just $30 to receive the magazine and support a movement bereft of fluff.

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