Earth Based Economics

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“When capitalism started, nature was abundant and capital was scarce; it thus made sense to reward capital above all else. Today we’re awash in capital and literally running out of nature”, Peter Barnes, Capitalism 3.0

“A commons arises whenever a given community decides that it wishes to manage a resource in a collective manner, with special regard for equitable access, use and sustainability. It is a social form that has long lived in the shadows of our market culture, and now is on the rise.”, David Bollier,

“Sacrifice of nature’s scarce services constitutes an increasing opportunity cost of growth, and that in turn means that nature must be priced, either explicitly or implicitly. But to whom should this price be paid?”, Herman Daly

These 3 quotes were part of a document we prepared for the Sustainable Living Festival. Download the double sided A4 paper Earth Based Economics and share it around.

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