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Show Notes:
Corporation 2020: Groundbreaking economist Pavan Sukhdev discusses developments in ecosystem services accounting, the need for resource taxation and the push to make CEO’s lead on environmental change.

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Photosynthesis, pollination and precipitation are ecosystem services to the economy that aren’t included in economic equations. We need to value these resources to ensure they are included in our core decision making analysis – economic opportunity costs. Elsewise they can easily be destroyed in the mad dash for economic rents in this age of increasing resource scarcity.

Pavan’s new book Corporation 2020 zeroes in on CEO’s as decision makers. Corporations account for 60% of global GDP and 70% of jobs. We have less than a decade to change to a low carbon economy and Pavan’s strategy is for CEO’s to lead the way.

We were particularly happy to have him on the show in light of our True Cost Economics forums (2006 & 2007) that discussed many of these issues.

As an aside, we thought it humorous the bookcase Pavan was standing infront of had 24 cubicles of books on psychology. There was only one cubicle for economics. Would our lives be happier if we had a fairer economic system?


the TED talk by Pavan

“Resource taxation is the future and there’s no point obstructing the future”, said Mr Sukhdev, who is in Australia to give talks and promote his latest book, Corporation 2020: Transforming Business for Tomorrow’s World.

SEEA Environmental Accounting at the ABS

Ross Gittins on SEEA

Thanks to the Centre for Policy Development for organising the tour and interview.

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