Peak Monopoly

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Renegade Economists Show 432 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes Karl presents at the Sustainable Living Festival on the diversion powers of so-called resource shortages. Why was Malthus the perfect remedy for the French Revolution? Related Links Sign our Negative Gearing petition Copyright critique from the commons Laurence … Read More

Land Policy Failure Breeding Nationalism

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photo credit: Maria Gertsovskaya From South Africa to Bolivia to here in Australia, the failure to approach land as a human right rather than a speculative kite is breeding dangerous undercurrents amongst those excluded from ‘the property game’. The young firebrand South African ANC youth leader Julius Malema again fired up the masses with these comments: “You need land to … Read More

Population Myth V Energy Consumers

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photo credit: Listener42 George Monbiot writes another sterling piece, this time dispelling population as the bugbear of global warming. Click on our population tag to read other critiques of this issue – namely the link between poverty, education and poor health on population growth rates. The Population Myth It’s no coincidence that most of those who are obsessed with population … Read More

Malthus & Population Theory Debunked

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photo credit: Super Is Sunny Author unknown Rev Thomas Robert Malthus (February, 1766 – December 23, 1834), was an English demographer and political economist best known for his pessimistic but highly influential views. Malthus was born to a prosperous family. His father was a personal friend of the philosopher and sceptic David Hume and an acquaintance of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The … Read More