Michael Hudson on Set up to Fail

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Renegade Economists Fifth Birthday – episode 252 Prof Michael Hudson discusses the state of modern economic warfare in a geo-political context. Is democracy dead? A special treat for our fifth birthday. Renegade Economists interview 05.09.2012 Interview with Professor Michael Hudson by Karl Fitzgerald Listen KF: We welcome to the show Professor Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of … Read More

Michel Bauwens on Peer 2 Peer’s Mutual Alignment

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Renegade Economists Podcast 253 As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Sept 12th Subscribe to the weekly podcast. Michel Bauwens from the Peer 2 Peer Foundation discusses the ongoing revolution in open source activity. He presents evidence showing that peer 2 peer networking delivers the lowest cost format for information sharing and production. Listen in on this extended podcast edition. We discuss … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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photo credit: TheAlias Anarchy, Liberty and Austrian Economics Fred Foldvary is questioned on his development of unique theoretical hybrids – Geo-Libertarianism, Geo-Anarchism and Geo-Austrian economics. In short – a right to the worth of the earth. What’s the solution – join our podcasters! Show Notes This weeks heat wave reminded us all of the frailty of this bio-sphere. Our economic … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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photo credit: sparr0 Inventors or Speculators An interview with James Murray (Centre for Policy Development) skates thru the GFC, highlighting the trillions in goodwill on the books. Also covered is a touch on Obama radiance and how local rents are jacked up pre-uni year to extort the market. What’s the solution – join our podcasters! Show Notes Workers must restrain … Read More

Renegade Economists now Podcasting

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You can listen to the world’s only geonomics radio show by subscribing to our podcast. To have your computer automatically download each week’s show: Open up Itunes, go to the Itunes Store and search ‘Renegade Economists’ then subscribe OR follow these 3 easy steps – copy this link: http://podcast.3cr.org.au/podcast.php?cat=RenegadeEconomists go to your ITunes, Click on Advanced then ‘Subscribe to this … Read More