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You can listen to the world’s only geonomics radio show by subscribing to our podcast. To have your computer automatically download each week’s show:

Open up Itunes, go to the Itunes Store and search ‘Renegade Economists’ then subscribe


follow these 3 easy steps –

  • copy this link:

  • go to your ITunes, Click on Advanced then ‘Subscribe to this Podcast’, which will give you a place to paste in the hyperlink you have just copied
  • press ok and your ITunes will automatically download the week’s edition.


To stream an episode (rather than download), scroll down the official 3CR podcasters page to find the Renegade Economists.

Please join our podcast e-list so we can contact you – our dedicated podcasters – in case of any future changes to the podcast feed URL. This e-list will be sparingly used.

To check the details on the latest show notes, with links to the articles we discuss, click on the giant Renegade Economists ‘tag’ you will find on the home page.

Technical details can also be found at the top of this helpful 3CR page on what podcasts are and how podcasts operate.

2 Comments on “Renegade Economists now Podcasting”

  1. Can I down load this if I’m not an ipod user? or is apple only..hence being called ‘pod’casts?


  2. yes you can use no non iTunes…try this page as a starter…it will get you underway…
    unfortunately i’ve just seen 1 of the main links is down for D/L of different podcast software, but it sounds like you already have some. The last para is what you want on this link.

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