Affordable Housing Underway

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Renegade Economists Show 457 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes In our continual quest for affordable housing solutions, we invited the Australian Capital Territory government’s Simon Tennent to discus the innovative Canberra Land Rent Initiative. The program is raising some $12.5m p.a, reducing the need for additional taxes … Read More

Land Policy Failure Breeding Nationalism

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photo credit: Maria Gertsovskaya From South Africa to Bolivia to here in Australia, the failure to approach land as a human right rather than a speculative kite is breeding dangerous undercurrents amongst those excluded from ‘the property game’. The young firebrand South African ANC youth leader Julius Malema again fired up the masses with these comments: “You need land to … Read More