Affordable Housing Underway

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Show Notes
In our continual quest for affordable housing solutions, we invited the Australian Capital Territory government’s Simon Tennent to discus the innovative Canberra Land Rent Initiative. The program is raising some $12.5m p.a, reducing the need for additional taxes on the productive sector whilst capping land price increases within the scheme. During the discussion we delve into some much needed detail on how big the scheme is, how it operates, likely savings, past learnings and even a little on the wider reform landscape – Canberra’s nation leading reform to replace Stamp Duty with a broad-based Land Tax. When it comes to affordable housing, the ACT government is leading the way.


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4 Comments on “Affordable Housing Underway”

  1. Watch outfor the owner’s corporation costs, mine cost more than my council rates and the building is sound but old. the owners corporation managers are paid to do very little, money for jam.

  2. Hopefully you don’t have an elevator to maintain – it sounds like they are a real trap adding thousands to BC fees.

  3. Where can I go to download this for listening away from devices on my old fashioned electrical MP3 player?

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