Bollier on Monopoly Profits to Finance Government

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As the Federal Government leads the deficit scaremongering on the road to lining up the firesale of our public assets to insiders (whilst slugging the consumer with a higher and thus regressive GST), we are reminded of the approach they could be taking if genuinely interested in a productive market. Leading Commons advocate David Bollier writes in Why Not Tax … Read More

Smooth sailing from here on?

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Renegade Economists Show #278 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast This week on Renegade Economists we’re talking to Phil Anderson, an economic forecaster of business cycles and director of the Economic Indicator Service. Phil’s an optimist and is expecting this cycle to be a strong one. Cheap energy and cheap money are the triggers for a new American … Read More

Harnessing Monopoly for the Common Good

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The Total Resource Rents of Australia – Report Release Tuesday November 20th, 6:30pm Presenter: Karl Fitzgerald Venue: 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne Could the economic value of all forms of monopoly be capable of financing the three tiers of government? This report will demonstrate how the economic power of monopoly is capable of just this. Quantifying the naturally rising value of … Read More

Man in Street Says Tax Me, Not Miners

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photo credit: With this weeks poll showing that many Australians were undecided on the Super Profits Resource Tax, they are effectively saying ‘please sir, tax me’. ‘No I wouldn’t think of ensuring that the privileged pay their fair share, please I emplore you – tax me!’. With 20 leading economists coming out in favour of the tax (thxs John … Read More

BHP Record Profits and 4 Corners Money Pit

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photo credit: BK59 Last night saw the media highlight two essential points. On the same day that BHP announced it’s fifth consecutive record profit of $17.8 billion for the year, 4 Corners discussed how high land and housing prices in the mining town of Port Headland were strangling the community. Both media pieces overlooked the fundamental role of the community … Read More