Harnessing Monopoly for the Common Good

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The Total Resource Rents of Australia – Report Release
Tuesday November 20th, 6:30pm
Presenter: Karl Fitzgerald
Venue: 1/27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

Could the economic value of all forms of monopoly be capable of financing the three tiers of government?

This report will demonstrate how the economic power of monopoly is capable of just this.

Quantifying the naturally rising value of resources such as residential land, iron ore and water rights should be common knowledge in a genuine economic democracy. “How much has our commonwealth increased in value this year?” are the questions we’d like students to be discussing in High School.

The report also raises a spotlight on the economic power inherent in other forms of monopoly – privatised airports, cyber squatting, taxi and gambling licenses to name just a few.

The moral and ethical questions are significant. Are the owners of natural monopolies encouraging the level playing field we were so promised? How does the monopoly ownership of our electro magnetic spectrum impinge upon our democratic freedoms?

The audience will learn of the efficiency dividends that could be realised if economics rents were used to finance government. It will also discuss the number of government reports that have advocated the inevitable need for these reforms.

This report is based on Tony O’Brien’s landmark 1999 report The Total Resource Rents of Australia.

With $21 trillion hidden in tax havens, it is time future generations looked at a new operating system to encourage demographic equality and entrepreneurial reward within sustainable means.

Please join Karl Fitzgerald (Producer & Co-Director of Real Estate 4 Ransom) for a night of insight into the future of reform. RSVP to this gold coin event.

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