2007 TCE Report

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This year’s True Cost Economics forum saw both young and old dig deep within the pros and cons of carbon trading.

Keynote guest speaker Frank de Jong gave a compelling presentation on the importance of getting green Economics right. “We need to charge at the point of source so that we green the entire manufacturing process”. Carbon taxes over trading was his perogative, with tax shifting ensuring . Visit Frank’s Tools of Sustainability Tour report, including extensive multimedia page to download movies of talks and hear radio interviews.

Next was the politicians panel – ‘what do they see as possible and pragmatic’. The Greens Richard Di Natale said that the new Howard Governments Carbon Trading policy was a Claytons scheme – the scheme you have when you don’t have a plan – no targets, no objectives. Permits needed to be sold, not given away. Senator Lyn Allison (Democrats) snuck onto stage and soon jumped into the heart of the discussion by talking about the need for a number of Trading systems, including an Energy Efficiency Trading System, promoting financial incentives for manufacturers to produce energy efficient goods.

Then we had the youth panel on Policy Pathways, where Siska Waddington (SKM) gave a pragmatic response discussing the need to go with Carbon Trading, as Carbon Taxing sets no limit to the total amount of carbon. Carbon Trading incorporates sinks and offsets and gives us an objective. Also, the decision to go with Carbon Trading over taxes had already been made. This created some controversy as the view for a carbon tax was challenged. Well done Siska!

The last panel looked at the Policy Possibilities, where David Spratt (Carbon Equity) delivered a devastating presentation on the perils we face. He proposed that this urgency requires the need for a Carbon Rationing system. It certainly got the attention of the crowd! Donna Lorenz (Maunsell Engineering) stated that the carbon polluters, the smokestack industries, are hurting agricultural and rural industries that face the force of extreme weather ie recent floods in Newcastle. Adrian Whitehead from Zero Emissions Network finished off with a positive interpretation of policies making a difference. Included in this was the need for more localised communities, hinting at Frank’s desire for walkable communities linked by rail.

These presentations were so good that we have made them available for a short time:

Frank de Jong’s multimedia page (radio, TV footage)
David Spratt’s Why we must ration the future
Donna Lorenz’s Climate Change policy responses
Adrian Whitehead’s Climate Change Good Policy

Check the True Cost Reading page and keep informed with Earthsharing events by joining our mailing list.
See you next year as we continue to build a movement for a true ‘big picture’ reform.

“The Tools of Sustainability” Tour Overview

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Frank De Jong – Tools of Sustainability Tour
July 13 – Aug 3
Melbourne – Sydney – Auckland – Full Tour Itinerary

Frank De Jong, leader of the Ontario Greens (Canada), will be touring to discuss and demonstrate the economic tools the planet so desperately needs. Frank has a long history of campaigning, having competed in 12 Canadian elections over 20 years. He is renowned in Canada for having coined the term ‘the invisible green hand’ of market forces.

Frank will bring to audiences a positive message on how we can stay ahead of the greenwashing brigade. What are the latest sustainability trends in the Northern Hemisphere? How can we lobby for more environmentally efficient economic policy? Isn’t that true conservatism?

Beyond economic theory, Frank loves getting his hands dirty, having led protests against the largest nuclear power station in North America (Darlington), been arrested in Northern Ontario’s old growth forests and cycled through much of Canada.

Frank is an engaging speaker, making economics easy to understand.

Unlocking the Riches to Oz – 15th June

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Unlocking the Riches of Oz – Fri June 15th, 7.15pm
The launch of Bryan Kavanagh’s (LVRG) groundbreaking report.


Unlocking the Riches of Oz – the Decision Makers presentation 10am, Thurs June 21st, Hardware Lane

A night of insight as Bryan takes us through his world leading statistics, analysing economic trends over the 34 years the report covers. Bryan is an experienced property valuer of 32 years. He is one of the world’s leading analysts on the inter-relationship between land and the economy. Did you know that Australia has probably the most accurate land value records in the world?

2007 True Cost Economics Forum

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Friday July 20th
“Economics – the fast track to Sustainability”
Free RSVP necessary


True Cost Economics is an economic model that seeks to include the cost of negative externalities into the pricing of goods and services. Products and activities that directly or indirectly cause harmful consequences to living beings and/or the environment should be accordingly taxed to reflect the somewhat hidden costs.

Natural resources need to be at the centre of our thinking, not wriiten off as an ‘externality’ or mined for exorbitant profits.

The 2007 TCE Forum will feature Frank De Jong, leader of the Ontario Greens (Canada). He is an expert on environmental economics, having coined the term ‘the invisible green hand’ of market forces. Frank has over 20 years experience in Canadian elections and will bring a balance of political know-how and economic theory. As Frank says “Let the market do the hard work for us in changing our thinking towards environmental responsibility”.

Economics needs to direct the behaviour of consumers towards looking after the planet. Is Carbon Trading enough? A new economic paradigm is needed to ensure a liveable planet for future generations. It is time to discuss and plan for this evolution.

Frank De Jong will give his positive keynote “The Invisible Green Hand V the Time Famine”, then 3 panels will follow:
Policy Pathways: Carbon Trading v Carbon taxes. A crucial point in time demands we make the correct decision.
Cameron Neil (Fairtrade Labelling ANZ)
Amanda McKenzie (Australian Youth Climate Coalition)
Tom Curtis (Earthsharing Australia)

Policy Possibilities: What are the cutting edge policy options? Also, the practical examples of effective green economics at work.
David Spratt (Carbon Equity)
Donna Lorenz (Maunsell Engineering)
Adrian Whitehead (Beyond Zero Emissions)

Policy Makers: What do the politicians see as possible and pragmatic? Is it genuinely possible to make policy that will stop runaway climate change? Eg, co2 below 550eppm
Senator Lyn Allison – Leader of the Australian Democrats
Evan Thornley – Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier (ALP)
Dr Richard Di Natale – Lead Senate Candidate – The Greens

15 minutes question time will follow each panel.