Economics for Activists

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A highly successful event, stay tuned for further courses

Tuesday evenings in May, 6.15pm – 8pm, starting May 1st
Location: Level One, 27 Hardware Lane, CBD – between Bourke & Little Bourke Sts 9670 2754

Ever wanted to read between the lines of the newspaper? Arm yourself with the tools of modern warfare as Karl Fitzgerald takes you through the key understandings required to ‘follow the money’.

    Topics covered:

  • Economic terminology – the basic framework
  • Economic History via: The Classical – Neo-Classical – Neo-Liberal dichotomy

116th Annual Henry George Dinner

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Thursday September 7th, 6pm onwards
Special Guest speaker: Professor Michael Young (Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, CSIRO & Adelaide Uni)
Prince Patrick Hotel 135 Victoria Pde, Collingwood (near Hoddle St)

We are proud to present the 116th Dinner to celebrate the birthday of Henry George, the visionary who saw that the bounty of the earth was every citizen’s birthright. Professor Michael Young will give the keynote address on Water in a Georgist paradigm. He will discuss this hot topic in light of the political realities of water management in the future. How much should we pay for water? Would Henry George have recommended that water as well as land be taxed?

Earth Rights Democracy Tour Overview

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Alanna Hartzok & Earth Rights for all

Over 12 talks and 450 plus people heard Alanna’s core message –

“We all have an equal right and a birth right to the Earth. The earth has a biological & ecological right to its future too. We are promoting a new form of property rights where what you build with your own hands, what you labour for, is your private property. You shouldn’t be taxed for something productive you are doing. What we are saying is that the gifts of nature, the land & natural resources of the earth belong to we the people. We all deserve a fair share of the profits from these natural gifts. This is a natural form of public finance policy”