Fairtrade not Bandaids!

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Thurs Oct 7th, 6.30pm, 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne Karl Williams Wiki defintion: Fair trade is a financial relationship between producers, sellers, and consumers based on the principle of equity within the exchange of goods. Equity is achieved via creating a platform for trade that is transparent and therefore accountable for the just treatment of all producers. The admirable goals … Read More

Anti-Gentrification Festival – This Sunday!

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Sunday June 27th Workers Club 3-9pm DIE YUPPIE, DIE! concert & festy fashion jam ($4/$8) Come along & create your own shabby chic clothes using bits of the original Tote carpet (gloves supplied!) while checking out hirsute pole dancer Agent Cleave & listening to some of the best bands in Melbs including Cuba Is Japan, Grizzly Jim Laurie, J. Hawke, … Read More

Event: Asset Bubbles Forever

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Tuesday March 2nd, 6.30 – 8pm Phil Anderson With land prices increasing $766 a DAY in the December quarter, Phil Anderson will analyse economic prescriptions and asset bubbles. Are bubbles essential for banking liquidity? Who is meant to borrow this credit and for what? Phil Anderson, Director of Economic Indicator Services and author of The Secret Life of Real Estate, … Read More

Prof Hudson Tour Charges Ahead

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Seats to Professor Michael Hudson’s presentations (Oct 14 – 27) are filling fast, with major PR next week to fill the remaining spots. The renowned US economist is set to leave ears burning on why a decade of record economic growth has left so many behind. He has 3 presentations in Melbourne next week, followed by Canberra, Sydney and now … Read More