Event: Asset Bubbles Forever

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Phil's Bubble
Tuesday March 2nd,
6.30 – 8pm
Phil Anderson

With land prices increasing $766 a DAY in the December quarter, Phil Anderson will analyse economic prescriptions and asset bubbles. Are bubbles essential for banking liquidity? Who is meant to borrow this credit and for what?

Phil Anderson, Director of Economic Indicator Services and author of The Secret Life of Real Estate, will discuss economic policies in light of his arresting array of charts.

We will be challenged with fresh findings from a range of markets (gold, copper, real estate, shares and a few surprising markets) as we sculpt a new perspective on future economic outcomes.

Phillip’s predictions from last year’s talk have been remarkably accurate. Forecasting is always fun with Phil.

$5 entry, 6.30 – 8 pm | JASPER HOTEL (former YMCA)
489 Elizabeth Street | Melbourne (right next to the Vic Market)

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