Letter to the Socialist Alternative

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photo credit: sludgegulper In Socialist Alternative, issue 13, February-March 2009, which was circulated widely in Orientation Week at the University of Queensland, the first page proclaims that “Capitalism Caused this Disaster”. The correct slogan should be that “Land Parasitism caused this disaster”. At least two thirds of the cost of urban houses and buildings is the cost of the land, … Read More

Hudson – Orwellian Doublethink: “Nationalize the banks.” “Free Markets.”

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Warm up by watching the above, then read the latest from Michael Hudson, who is writing up a storm on the inside motivations to banksters bailouts world-wide. Michael Hudson as published on Global Research Banking shares began to plunge Friday morning after Senator Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat who is chairman of the banking committee, said in an interview with Bloomberg … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 73

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photo credit: sparr0 Inventors or Speculators An interview with James Murray (Centre for Policy Development) skates thru the GFC, highlighting the trillions in goodwill on the books. Also covered is a touch on Obama radiance and how local rents are jacked up pre-uni year to extort the market. What’s the solution – join our podcasters! Show Notes Workers must restrain … Read More

Vanuatu’s Land Rights building momentum

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Following our recent visit to Vanuatu, a colleague put this together, reflecting the heartfelt concern ni-Van’s have for their rapidly dwindling land ownership. Just 29 years since independence, only 11% of land in Villa is locally owned. As Morris Kaloran states: “No matter what factory they use, they cant make any more dirt.” We will be announcing a number of … Read More

Ponzi, property and genuine wealth creation

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photo credit: James Willamor Michael Hudson explores the analogous nature of Ponzi schemes and the property bubble. How is wealth created in the modern era? Through hard word, through who you know or what you ‘flip’? December 23, 2008 Last week the Good Lord evidently realized that not enough people had been reading Hyman Minsky’s explanation of how financial cycles … Read More