Free TV Handout Outrage

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photo credit: OiMax Not only has the public re-organised spectrum space for the broadcaster’s new channels, but we’ve also gifted a rebate on their licensing fees! Some sort of Digital Dividend, Mr Conroy! A dividend for whom? Where will the missing $200 – $500m p.a come from? The broadcasters should be paying more for the added access to the commons, … Read More

The Importance of the Land Ethic

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Alanna Hartzok The global financial crisis has demonstrated a deep systemic failure of the prevailing economic paradigm. So far, efforts to remedy the situation have failed to address the root causes of the meltdown and are digging the American people deeper into the hole of public debt. In an op-ed titled “Obama’s Ersatz Capitalism” earlier this year, Joseph Stiglitz wrote … Read More

Hudson hints at why speculators are ignored in supply slide debate

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photo credit: hans s Michael Hudson As published in today’s Business Age Opinion section HIGHER land and house prices typically lead to an increased supply of housing. Yet at the peak of Australia’s perennial housing affordability crisis, the Housing Industry Association declared that there would be a 13 per cent fall in housing starts this calendar year, compounding last year’s … Read More

FHOG Sucker Punches Gen X/Y

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photo credit: bjornmeansbear With climate change forging into our conscience day by day, how are Gen X,Y & Z to feel when they realise they have been ripped off like no other generation before? The increase in the First Home Owners Grant saw nearly 13,000 youngsters manipulated into buying at the top end of the property cycle in January alone. … Read More

Letter to the Socialist Alternative

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photo credit: sludgegulper In Socialist Alternative, issue 13, February-March 2009, which was circulated widely in Orientation Week at the University of Queensland, the first page proclaims that “Capitalism Caused this Disaster”. The correct slogan should be that “Land Parasitism caused this disaster”. At least two thirds of the cost of urban houses and buildings is the cost of the land, … Read More