Artists sick of living on borrowed time & borrowed land

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The Anti-Gentrification Festival, held in conjunction with Craft Cartel, kicked off on Sunday at The Birmy. Highlights included a talk from Earthsharing’s Karl Fitzgerald about land tax reform, a highly professional lagerphone making workshop directed by Alica Bee (she was colour coordinating the bottle-caps, this lady takes her lagerphone making VERY seriously) and a surprise performance by legendary poet Pi-O. … Read More

Anti-Gentrification Festival – This Sunday!

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Sunday June 27th Workers Club 3-9pm DIE YUPPIE, DIE! concert & festy fashion jam ($4/$8) Come along & create your own shabby chic clothes using bits of the original Tote carpet (gloves supplied!) while checking out hirsute pole dancer Agent Cleave & listening to some of the best bands in Melbs including Cuba Is Japan, Grizzly Jim Laurie, J. Hawke, … Read More

Kindly Remove Your Fingers From My Heartstrings, Aussie Pollies, You Don’t Know How To Play Them.

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Have you ever heard the word ‘family’ bandied about so often as in the Government’s ‘response’ to the Henry Tax Review last week? I put the word ‘response’ in parenthesis because, as Alan Kohler so aptly pointed out on the ABC website, Henry’s comprehensive review and the Rudd/Swan tax ‘reform’ statement (sorry, our ‘leaders’ have driven me to parenthesis hell) … Read More

News Flash! Today Tonight report the obvious!

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photo credit: Patrick Hoesly I know! Shocking isn’t it? This evening, according to advertisements, they’ll be reporting on a matter almost as ground breaking as those stories we know and love along the lines of ‘Junk Food! It makes you fat!’, ‘Credit cards – they could put you in debt ‘ or any number of scintillating exposés on dodgy builders … Read More