News Flash! Today Tonight report the obvious!

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Happy New Year!

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I know! Shocking isn’t it?

This evening, according to advertisements, they’ll be reporting on a matter almost as ground breaking as those stories we know and love along the lines of ‘Junk Food! It makes you fat!’, ‘Credit cards – they could put you in debt ‘ or any number of scintillating exposés on dodgy builders (when they’re dodgy, they’re dodgy!), underwear (it comes in all different colours!) and models (they’re pretty!)

They’re airing a story about how speculation and hoarding of property drives up land and rental prices.

It looks like they’ll be laying the blame for this at the feet of foreign investors (blast those evil foreigners!). I wonder if they’ll suggest our Government reform the taxation system? With a fairer land tax, one that was higher and flatter, property hoarding and speculation by investors, foreign or otherwise, would cease.

They may not stretch to flagging such viable solutions, but still, it’s encouraging to see that even prime time Aussie telly has cottoned on to the fact that land hoarding is artificially inflating our property prices. Something Earthsharing revealed yonks ago in the ‘I Wanna Live Here’ report.

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  1. (Today Tonight), should do a report on the crude Nostrums of Tony Abotts telling twenty something’s they should forfeit Family, friends and their technology, to go live in a un powered tent in WA desert, where there is no housing or affordable rents and no broadband, basically Abott thinks he can trade off Australians Human rights for a paltry sum of money, and through no fault of their own Gen Y has to bow down to Abotts Baby Boomer crony’s who have delivered the worst and biggest structural housing bubble and rental shortage presided and encouraged by former government in this nations history. His comments of twenty something’s whom he would force to become homeless, with hope they will give up and join the army? I suspect he wants the Draft re introduced too. What else is he proposing? A First Perth renters grant of 8,000 for twenty Something’s? For relocation to Perth’s Housing Market Crisis. Lucky their is no social contract, coercion or obligation to Vote for Tony this election

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