Land Inspection Now – Exhibition

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From 99 suburbs across Melbourne, 99 samples of land extracted, valued, individually packaged, sold! Tonight is auction night for inspirational artist David Short’s exhibition of 10 x 10cm blocks of land. He has valued each piece of land from every suburb according to local council valuations and tonight is your chance to buy a slice of the Great Australian Dream. … Read More

Empty Homes for All to See

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The Sydney Morning Herald is on our side. Today’s headline news includes an article featuring, a wiki set up by Dr Daniel Cox for photos of vacant homes to be uploaded onto the web. What a great idea! We have a Panoramia page with some of our vacant photos uploaded. The article, entitled Empty Homes for All to See, … Read More

Renegade Economists now Podcasting

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You can listen to the world’s only geonomics radio show by subscribing to our podcast. To have your computer automatically download each week’s show: Open up Itunes, go to the Itunes Store and search ‘Renegade Economists’ then subscribe OR follow these 3 easy steps – copy this link: go to your ITunes, Click on Advanced then ‘Subscribe to this … Read More

Oil Speculators Greasing their Wheel

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Crude oil is the world’s most actively traded commodity. Margin requirements see that speculators have to lodge only 5 – 7% of the total investment in an oil futures contract to gain ownership. This is compared to stocks, where 50% must be deposited upfront. The low margin required and the risk of investment in the land and sharemarkets has seen … Read More