City Deals, Value Creation

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Renegade Economists Show 468 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the weekly podcast. Show Notes Prof Peter Newman (Curtin Uni Sustainability Policy Institute discusses the return of the robber barons. Can they build railway ethically and at the lowest cost to the community? Or will the accompanying property development lead to ever higher … Read More

Doctors sued for malpractice. Politicians too?

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Doctors sued for malpractice. Politicians too? The Fisherman’s Bend development with Rowan Groves by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud Renegade Economists Show 359 As broadcast on 3CR Wednesday 24th September. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. This week an insight into the Fisherman’s Bend developments with Rowan Groves (Fisherman’s Bend Network Committee). The Planning Minister commits a planning 101 multi-million dollar mistake … Read More

Cause and Effect: Value Capture ignored, ICAC Rent Seekers revealed

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Renegade Economists podcasts 337 & 338 Broadcast on 3CR each wednesday 5.30 – 6pm. Subscribe to the show The last two episodes reveal some of the most pertinent pressures on society. How to finance the much needed (rail) infrastructure to relieve gridlock pressures? And if we do get infrastructure built, does the public accept that infrastructure makes life easier? If … Read More

SLF Wrap

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A warm welcome to our new visitors from the Sustainable Living Festival. Over 90,000 people visited the SLF and we were snowed under with interest, with many expressing an interest in what the Next Economy could be. Of course the answers were there with Land Value Tax as the bedrock to a new economy prioritising the productive sector over the … Read More

Neil Chenoweth on Obeid & Murdoch espionage

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Renegade Economists podcast #263 As recorded on 3CR, Wednesday Nov 21st, 2012. Listen here Obeid & Murdoch’s Corporate Espionage: One of Australia’s leading investigative journalists – Neil Chenoweth – is this week’s guest. Neil has just released his latest book, Murdoch’s Pirates, and is widely regarded as a driving force behind the Murdoch phone hacking story revealed earlier this year. … Read More