Covering Their Tracks

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Renegade Economists Show 456 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes Respected Land Valuer Ted Gwartney discusses the importance of land valuation and LVT in the context of hereditary land title (code for beneficiaries of genocide). Karl then launches into the latest developments by rent-seekers to cover their tracks, … Read More

Hartzok: Socialising land rent and untaxing production

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Renegade Economists 286   Alanna Hartzok on Equalizing Labor Rights via Earth Rights by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud   This week we speak with Alanna Hartzok, co-director of the Earth Rights Institute, looking at her experiences at the World Bank Land & Poverty conference. We discuss the paper she presented on Socialising Land Rents, Untaxing Production , exploring the deep history of … Read More