Detroit crew rebuild $100 house into green community

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photo credit: laverrue A local couple, Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert, started the ball rolling. An artist and an architect, they recently became the proud owners of a one-bedroom house in East Detroit for just $1,900. Buying it wasn’t the craziest idea. The neighborhood is almost, sort of, half-decent. Yes, the occasional crack addict still commutes in from the suburbs … Read More

Zimbabwe-like land grabs to escalate in Pacific

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photo credit: robertpaulyoung There is little doubt that Zimbabwean-like land grabs will occur on our doorstep if current economic policy continues. The policy alternative we spell out below could pop the fuse to the frustration that led to Zimbabwean land grabs and the simmering tensions in Fiji. With the Pacific Islands rapidly privatising from kastomeray land title in the last … Read More

Mirvac: Land is for Hocking, Not Housing

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photo credit: lrargerich Karl Fitzgerald as published in Crikey 20/02/09 Mirvac yesterday admitted what many affordability watchers know. The housing market is manipulated to suit shareholders over householders. Due to the fear that an $81.4m half yearly operating profit is insufficient, first home buyers will have to pay higher land and housing prices to support Mirvac’s Executive Incentive Scheme. Mirvac … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 67

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photo credit: madaboutasia Carbon Catchcry: this hour long special is our last formal show of the year, with an interview of Anna Rose (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) on Rudd’s filthy 5%. Also international guest Fred Foldvary discusses the insides to the GFC and what could be really done if politics was for people not cronies. How many policy papers will … Read More

Renegade Economists now Podcasting

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You can listen to the world’s only geonomics radio show by subscribing to our podcast. To have your computer automatically download each week’s show: Open up Itunes, go to the Itunes Store and search ‘Renegade Economists’ then subscribe OR follow these 3 easy steps – copy this link: go to your ITunes, Click on Advanced then ‘Subscribe to this … Read More