Fast Forward News #6.1

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David Pecotic Read not the Times. Read the Eternities. Or at least the not completely Untimely … Prof. Hudson’s tour pushed the team – we endeavour to return you to our regularly scheduled program minus technical glitches soon. Web 2.0: – beta [The Gov 2.0 Taskforce has launched a website that brings together around 59 datasets from Australian Federal, … Read More

Fast Forward News #4

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photo credit: zoonabar David Pecotic Getting Any Logic from the Property Bulls and Spruikers is Almost an Impossible Task [While the rest of the media and sundry commentariat is busy counting unhatched chickens, Money Morning revisits demand, supply and price and asks why a shortage of bananas is not like a housing shortage.] Renters:Stop Walking on Egg Shells [Interesting commentary … Read More

Fast Forward News #3

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photo credit: Corey Tegeler David Pecotic Two great new Australian e-gov mashups: Key Indicators Graph [Over at their Betaworks blog, the ABS has published an interactive graph that can display key indicators such as the unemployment rate, the consumer price index, gross domestic profit, average weekly income, and (most importantly for our purposes) the house price index. This is the … Read More

Fast Forward News #2

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photo credit: sendung David Pecotic Wow – what a vital source of news, varied angles on most current issues – thanks David As Arctic Ocean warms, megatonnes of methane bubble up [More detailed analysis about the increase in the release of methane that had been frozen beneath the Arctic: over 250 plumes of gas have been discovered bubbling up from … Read More