Economic Rehab – Lesson 2: Efficiency

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Tohm Curtis continues his slightly sarcastic journey into the underpinnings of economics Okay in Lesson 1, I concluded with the not so startling revelation that the economy was ultimately limited by the external environment or reality. Economics is a science because it’s constrained by reality, and hence people use observations to make predictions on how the natural environment will behave. … Read More

Economic Rehab: Scarcity

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Tohm Curtis continues his slightly sarcastic economics 101 series photo credit: technicolorcavalry The most common constraint on fulfillment of wants is time. I cannot write this post, and go to the beach and swim. I have to do one or the other in that same portion of time. There are only so many days I am alive, I have to … Read More

Economic Rehab :Lesson 1 – Economics

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photo credit: mhalon as according to Tohm Curtis a new series outlining why Economic Rehab is crucial What does ‘Economics’ mean…there’s some confusion as to whether it is a science or a philosophy? Wikipedia can provide some insight into the history of economics. I think though that maybe the simple starting point is: Economics is the study of reality. Okay … Read More