Economic Rights as Human Rights

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Why Real Estate 4 Ransom has locked up the Great American Dream As published in Op-Ed News The promise of democracy delivers little for those with empty wallets. Genuine freedom will be established when economic rights are entrenched as human rights. Economics is the Greek term for the management of the household. To economise is to get the most for … Read More

Greek Debt Tan

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Renegade Economists 206 Listen to the podcast weekly, broadcast from the almighty 3CR. Broadcast Oct, 26th, 2011 Listen to the interview. K.F: Let’s have a chat with Yanis Tziligakis. He’s a New York based academic – he’s got a bachelors, a masters, and a phd in the field of physics – he’s now realized he’s got to get his head … Read More

Gentrification Games Artists

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What role is there for artists in a community? Long looked down upon as dole bludgers, why is life such a struggle for those who like to use image, texture and craft to express rather than words or numbers? After yesterday’s excellent article Fitzroy Snubs Gentrification on our upcoming Anti-Gentrification festival, a poorly written piece by Marcus Westbury must be … Read More

Gentrification animated in dot format

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Second placegetters in the I Want to Live Here film comp were Ghafouri Productions. A slick look at how communities are split apart by the speculative mentality dominating economic policy. Can you hold on? Please read on!

The War on Creativity

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Ingrid Brooker’s winning entry for the $3000 I Want to Live Here film comp. Well done Ingrid for a unique portrayal of these vital issues. Check the photostream of the night’s festivities