A solution 4 times better than the supply side diversion

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Show Notes
A super-sized edition of the show – celebrating 11 years on air – with a review-like interview of the 127th dinner speech with the Unspoken Alternatives to Expensive Housing report author Dr Cameron Murray. Then you get to hear the full speech with the Q&A to follow. Some controversy with the best demolition of the housing supply diversion plan ever, some BIG, big numbers that are already making waves internationally and then Cam’s out of the box plan for dirt cheap land. He pushes our thinking, but why?

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I hope some of you are reading the latest Progress Magazine, highlighting why we need alternatives pronto

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2 Comments on “A solution 4 times better than the supply side diversion”

  1. Thank you for sharing Cameron’s wonderful presentation. The first time ive heard of a solution which can truly work. Incredible.

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