Make Me Do It

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Renegade Economists Show 536

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Show Notes
New economics and green tech – in this episode Gary Flomenhoft (formerly Gundt Institute) joins to discuss the raft of policy solutions on offer. From cryptocurrency to tiny homes, UBI to CLTs – this is a fast paced interview with a number of edgy tangents. #podcast #neweconomics

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The music over recent weeks has been by Poddington Bear.

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2 Comments on “Make Me Do It”

  1. Karl, Make Me do It was amazing. I would like to hear Gary’s (or some other equally knowledgeable person’s) view on the ever stronger push toward a cashless society by the banks and the worlds neo liberal governments because the power it gives them will demolish democracy and enslave people. They will track every cent we spend.can freeze our accounts at will and enforce negative interest rates on savings to force people to spend all their money to increase velocity of money when they need to fix the next GFC they create. A critical issue.

  2. Yes I’ve had some great feedback on this show. Good call re cashless society. I have put this on my list, thanks! I hope you can share this episode with your network. We always need more listeners!

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