Winds of Change Hit Paradise Barbuda

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Show Notes
A billionaire, a Hollywood superstar and Hurricane Irma have converged to wipe away some of the last tidings of communal land title on the idyllic island of Barbuda. Listen to this harrowing story of rent-seekers enlisting disaster capitalism to wipe away any alternative to neoliberal economics. Part 1 in a story that must be told, again and again.

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Paradise Found bill – check points 4 and 5 for over-ruling of Barbudan law. Look at the number of tax exemptions. Also the cost of $6.45m for some 500 acres = $13,000 per acre, much of it exclusive beachfront.
Naomi Klein on the corporate trickery behind this theft.
Barbuda Silent No More – great updates on how the community is picking up the pieces.

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2 Comments on “Winds of Change Hit Paradise Barbuda”

  1. I was in Barbuda and had that contract in my hand. I passed it on to someone in Antigua so they could see and be able to pass the information on to others. That is outrageous.

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