De Niro’s Island Paradise Coup

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We forge ahead deeper into the disaster capitalism tearing at island life on Barbuda, one of the few remaining places on the planet where land hasn’t been commodified and the people thrown into a lifetime of debt. Teckla C Nega Melchior hits hard with one story after another revealing the levels of deceipt de Niro and Packer are pushing. Why is de Niro busy talking about global warming threats but still so enamored to be pushing this project upon a nation where the water table sits just two feet underground?

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Here is the text of the letter sent to the UN regarding de Niro’s appearance at the UN:

His Excellency António Guterres
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY, 10017, USA

Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

We, the undersigned, write to strenuously object to the decision to have the actor, Robert De Niro assume the role of spokesman for the people of Barbuda at the High-Level Meeting on Hurricane Irma held in the Trusteeship Council on 18 September 2017. We respectfully insist that a full-throated and equally well publicized explanation of why Di Niro was given the privilege of speaking in the house of the World’s People to in effect enjoy free advertisement for one minute and forty-nine seconds for a project that was roundly rejected by the people of Barbuda, namely: Paradise Found, LLC. which is at present an aspect of a lawsuit (Antigua and Barbuda Civil Appeal No.7 of 2015).

Mr. De Niro is not a Barbudan, which is defined as persons who are direct descendants, by blood, of the original Persons brought to the island in 1685. Although he did purchase his citizenship to Antigua and was in short order made Economic Envoy, a diplomatic position that was accompanied by Diplomatic Passports, that designation by the Antiguan Prime Minister Gaston Brown does not qualify him or entitle him to speak on behalf of the Barbudan People. In noting the Rules of Procedures of the General Assembly (RoP) our objections are rooted primarily in RoP, Rule(s) 25, 27, 28 and 29. As Citizens of a Member State we invoke the right to object to the seating of Mr. De Niro and further accept that the vetting of Mr. De Niro falls to the Government of Antigua. However, with a minimum effort by General Assembly Affairs it would have been readily apparent that Mr. Di Niro has not exhibited extraordinary technical expertise; he is not a permanent member of the Antigua Mission to the United Nations nor does he, according to the United States under the provisions of Article V, Section 15 of the Headquarters Agreement between the United States and the United Nations, comply with United States State Department Document number HC-06-05 with the first criteria of designation of a Diplomatic envoy. As of the date of this letter Mr. De Niro’s designation or registration as a Foreign Agent or registration with the United States Department of Justice has not been located.

In conclusion, we draw your kind attention to A/RES/50/172 which reiterates the letter and spirit of Chapter 2 of the United Nations Charter and further invokes the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action of equal rights and self-determination of peoples enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. Specifically, paragraphs 2,3,5 and 7. As His Excellency, Secretary-General Guterres and the Secretariat are well aware the People of Barbuda have been fighting for their Constitutional and Human Rights for a long time and entreated the assistance of the UN Commission for Human Rights, other United Nations Programs and Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and previous Secretary Generals. It is our sincere hope that previous promises of assistance on these matters will not be forgotten in the aftermath of Irma. We also hope that the lack of due diligence exhibited prior to the gross insult of Mr. De Niro assuming rights to which he is not entitled is swiftly rectified and publicly acknowledged.



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  1. Grossly inflated salaries of movie stars and other so-called celebrities have given them grossly inflated influence in areas often way beyond their areas of expertise. Di Niro has through his wealth and fame likely to further benefit financial from an investment in Barbuda which has been roundly rejected by the people of Barbuda.

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