800 Years on the Charter of the Forest

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Show Notes
Dave Wetzel joins to explain the Charter of the Forest in light of its recent 800th anniversary. How does this act represent a right to the commons? We also get an update on his influence in funding London’s Cross Rail tunnel. What a storyteller!

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3 Comments on “800 Years on the Charter of the Forest”

  1. Another great show,thank you Karl and Emily.
    Somehow I will dramatically broaden your Colorado listener base! Lord make it so :)!

    Maybe its time to get some American Georgist on? Someone from Lincoln Land Institute on to overview status of LVT-LVC in the US? Or how about my coach Roger Lewis of Boulder to talk about history of CLT’s in US? He is former director of National Community Land Trust Network-now merged into Grounded Solutions and primarily works as a coach for larger affordable housing organizations. Or John Davis of Burlington Associates who would be THE source perhaps on this. I will see Roger today and discuss.

    I hope to move this forward in Boulder this year.

  2. I meant to say: I hope to move LVC forward in Boulder this year.

    Here is the kind of thing John Davis has done if you don’t know him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC7YRbih4IY

    Roger now works primarily to improve organizational capacity of larger affordable housing organizations. He has a great spirit and a highly experienced overview from being a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali doing water development work to building CLT’s among working class in Worcester MA to CLT formation around US to current work.

  3. Sounds good David. Did you hear Lindy Davies and Ed Dodson recently? Can’t get more American Georigst than those two! A CLT series early in the new year would be great.

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