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Renegade Economists Show 477

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Show Notes
The show in 6 headlines: The High Cost of a Home Is Turning American Millennials Into the New Serfs as the ‘Temporary Absence Rule’ sees Seattle the new Vancouver for Chinese investors. Britain’s land hoarded as Renters More Likely to Be Food Insecure, whilst Blackstone’s $10bn bet set to establish corporatisation of rental market. Go on share, this one!

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2 Comments on “Corporate Landlords Live”

  1. Superb, as usual, Karl. I look forward to your podcasts coming through each week. Lets hope we can turn this around soon, things have for so bad that maybe people will cotton on that there is a better way. I’ve been studying Modern Money Theory a lot recently. It can transform progressives governments. I’ve just discovered The Real Progressives this week, they are so good. Check them out. This one is on neoliberalism and MMT.
    All their videos are good. I’m putting links to your podcasts up on sites too.

    Real Progressives LIVE with Ellis Winningham: Sectoral Balances, Destroying Neoliberalism & more

    Thanks for all your hard work, Karl.

  2. Thanks Kevin, I’ll have to do another show on MMT. We recently held a few workshops on the topic. Very popular. I’m still grappling with how it can genuinely help governments constrained by ratings agencies. Possible for governments, implications for corporate borrowings at a downgraded BBB rating? I’d better read more Mosler. I will watch the vid.

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