Swagman in the Living Room

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Renegade Economists Show 458

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Show Notes
Imagine a rainforest critter, a huge flowing beard, a storytelling wizard who commands the attention of walkers by…… surely he was a candidate for the Renegade Economists? Here was Australian swagman culture in living form, on of the last of those living on the land, enjoying the commons and a (somewhat) free life.

Pirate Rick is a living legend up here in Tropical North Queensland, living the Byron to Cooktown coastline. He was part of the 70s awakening at the Aquarius Festival (Nimbin) which led to the establishment of Tuntable Falls. Pirate Rick was a frontiersman who then travelled north with many others to enact life as a custodian of our precious rainforests.

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Off air Pirate Rick and his wingman Popeye mentioned that you could register as a Swag with the government. I must find that link! After a 2 year battle, Pirate Rick won the battle to have the first ‘Australian Philosophical Pension’. He spent his life as an expert fibreglasser, fixing predominantly boats. We didn’t get onto the topic, but he spent a lot of time sailing, probably through the Pacific Islands, something I’d love to do, wouldn’t you? We must revisit the Pacific soon to hear what is happening regarding sovereignty issues there.

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