Full Spectrum Dominance

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Renegade Economists Show 387

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Show Notes
Alanna Hartzok discusses US Imperialism through South America, Eastern Europe and beyond. The backlash is such that a possible breakdown in US unipolar dominance is underway.  The systemic imperative  encouraging such strategic expansion is then explained. We finish on a positive with the Universal Basic Income.

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Alanna is the author of the Earth Belongs to Everyone (free e-book PDF download), recent Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania’s District 9, General Secretary of the International Union for Land Value Taxation and International Liaison for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.

During the interview we discuss the Venuezuela coup attempt, Paul Craig Roberts on Iran, and then move onto Alanna’s must read essay The Economics of War and Peace. How many US army bases on foreign soil are there? 113 in Italy alone!

That completes four weeks of the big names in our economic niche, of Anderson, Harrison, Hudson and Hartzok. Show your support for the show by becoming a member to our parent body Prosper Australia. Our membership year has just turned over, so now is the perfect time to support the movement.

I mentioned at the end of the show some exciting things happening:
The Economist on LVT
Federal Treasury modelling showing Land Tax the most efficient and fairest tax
Jessica Irvine, journalist at Fairfax, discussing how Land Tax must be included in the tax reform debate. A poignant video accompanies the article.

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