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The Second Tech Phase: pt2 on Collaborative California, on the need for a fairer internet by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud

Renegade Economists show 353

As broadcast on 3CR Wed August 13th, 2014

Part 2 of the Collaborative California presentation assessing the incredible wealth amassing in the tech sector alongside the accompanying gentrification pressures being used as a diversion from systemic analysis. Part 1 can be listened to via our new Mixcloud page.

This show features Neal Gorenflow (Shareable), Janelle Orsi (Sustainable Economies Law Centre) and Tracey from Fruitvale Station.

Show Notes
References as mentioned in the show:

Our 123rd Annual Henry George Commemorative Dinner – featuring John Freebairn, Wednesday Sept 3rd.

Churchill on Southwark parish and the effect of free food on raising rents.

BART police shooting of Oscar Grant (Fruitvale Station)

LA River discussion with Mayor Garcetti is aware of the lure of capital gains and gentrification pressures. – Impressive economic litercy, I wish more politicians could calculate this into their decision making. But will it result in a change in economic policy?

Garcetti says:

“I refuse to say, let’s keep things bad and affordable. Let’s capture what’s good, but let’s make sure we mitigate what is the bad side of gentrification.”

Does that mean he will advocate for a move towards value capture? This would close the loop between publicly funded infrastructure and privatised windfall gains for those in property.

Twitter’s Geek Driven Gentrification of SF.

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