Perma-Nomics Possibilities

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Renegade Economists Shows 329 and 331

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Perma-Nomics revisited: Listen

Featuring music by Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Perma-Nomics: The Flexibility Seed: Listen

These recordings are based on the recent Perma-Nomics presentation at the Sustainable Living Festival.

The second show comprised an interview by permaculturalist Katie Christiano (2nd from right in thisTime Magazine Occupy Wall St photo) as we delved deeper into the issues. Scarcity or abundance – what did nature intend – and why isn’t our economy more flexible?

The concept was to paraphrase the twelve principles of permaculture (as espoused by David Holmgren) into a common sense economic system. See more detail on the principles here. This is re-interpreted via Geonomics, the earth based economics system.

Some of this material challenges Holmgren’s economic stance, but with better understanding of the need for a three factor model (by including the earth in the function of production), further improvements can be made to ensure permaculturalists are paid for the improvements they make to the community.

Note: My family runs the POWer Plants community nursery, utilising the tremendous knowledge of the permaculture movement to provide low cost seedlings to support our community’s food autonomy.

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