The future of carbon trading

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Renegade Economists Show #276

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Recorded live at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne this week Nic Francis Gilley CEO of Cool NRG discusses the markets role in the fight against global warming. Gilley’s company installs free energy efficient light globes in homes from Melbourne to Mexico, reducing carbons emissions by millions of tonnes. The company is paid by the sale of carbon permits earnt from these activities.

Gilley joins the program to discuss the future of market-based action and the carbon trading system. Australia will be joining the world’s carbon trading markets in 2015. Our government’s role will be to maintain legislation that forces polluters to pay, Gilley says.

His vision of the future might be disturbing to some, with the most extreme solutions to global warming not beyond his scope. There’s no doubt, though, that Gilley is getting things done in a environment hostile to radical change. Tune in to hear some intriguing ideas for the future.

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