Shareholders of the Earth

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Renegade Economists Show #273

As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Jan 30, 2013

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Following on from George Monbiot’s article supporting Land Tax last week, the show features a BBC interview with UK Green MP Caroline Lucas on her legislative bill to the House of Commons asking Treasury to model the effects of Land Value Tax.

Karl discusses Mike Whitney’s quote on the role of property speculation in the US housing bounce then moves to discuss who really benefits when a major resource find is discovered like the $20 trillion Coober Pedy shale oil and gas find.

Thom Hartmann finishes the show with his excellent piece on the commons asking – why aren’t we all shareholders of the earth?

Much of the content discussed by Thom can be found in the work of Peter Barnes – here is the link to Capitalsm 3.0 (scroll down for the creative commons PDF).

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