McMansion Melbourne Costs Add Up

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The Age reports on the plague of spare rooms in Room to spare as city sprawls . Would Speed Renting help assist us all look outside our own social networks to consider someone who fits our dream home atmosphere? We are tracking down the listed report (below) to add to Rob Adams excellent piece on how we can fit 500,000 people within currently zoned residential land. Read our press release on sprawl to get the gist of a more common-sense system of land use.

The Age
August 11, 2009

A THIRD of Melbourne bedrooms are now unoccupied, according to a state department report.

As the Government extends the city’s urban growth boundary by thousands of hectares, a Transport Department report showed there were already 1.3 million spare bedrooms in existing suburbs, enough to accommodate projected population growth during the next 20 years.

Almost 70 per cent of houses within current city limits had extra bedrooms, with the highest proportion in the wealthy eastern and bayside suburbs, and in outer growth suburbs where the blocks are comparatively larger.

The report showed increased wealth had led to homes being built larger than ever, with the number of households having two or more spare bedrooms in the decade to the 2006 census more than doubling. At the same time, the number of people per household had shrunk.

The report is likely to fuel critics of the Government’s plan, who argue Melbourne is already the world’s eighth-most sprawling metropolis, not because of population growth but because of inefficient use of land.

”We are being greedy with space,” said University of Melbourne’s planning expert Philip Goad.

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