Dissecting America

Creative Commons License photo credit: al-zahra

Renegade Economists Podcast 102

As broadcast on the almighty www.3cr.org.au 19/08/09

Dissecting America: Karl returns from the US armed with signs, stats and interviews from the raw edge, defining a crumbling empire.

Show Notes
Interviews with Na-Haaa (Sunset Boulevard, LA), Leon the taxi driver (Cleveland, Ohio) and the renegade at the bus stop (San Francisco): checking in with renegade economists from all walks of life – you don’t need a degree to get a jist of this mess. It’s in everyone’s interest to understand the fundamentals of economics.

Monsanto to increase the price of GMO seeds by 42%


Snog – This is Capitalism
Blank Blue – Eyes Open
Electric Egypt – Kundalini

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