Fishy Money Fingers

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Renegade Economists Podcast 98

As broadcast on the freedom of speech machine at 3CR – Wed July 15th
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Show Notes
Fishy Money Fingers: Ben Bowman from Food and Water Watch (USA) discusses the Lehman Bros influence in privatising West Coast fisheries – 2000% returns are on the cards for some. What does this mean for local fisheries?

Fishing catch shares suddenly become hot ‘commodities’
Corporate Trawlers Try to Enclose Pacific Fish
Federal policy on new West Coast groundfish fishery rules needs congressional review

Garrett signs off on destroying the artesian basic via 4th uranium mine – Peter dare you to take a drink of the ‘world’s best practice’ post in situ acid water!
SA Royalties

Goldman Sachs Profit Booms
Goldman Intrigue

US Unemployment figures
Palatial Profits


Köhn – Trans-Neptunian Objects
Matmos – The Struggle Against Humanity

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